IC1396, The Elephant's Trunk Nebula (or is it "The Devil's Den Nebula"?)



IC1396 and The Elephant's Trunk Nebula.  This amazing high definition image reveals for the first time the true nature of this nebula.  The dark object on the left is not an elephant's trunk as most astronomers previously believed.  It is in fact an alien being about to step out of a flaming inferno, and doing so just as casually as if he were stepping out of a lukewarm shower.  However, the 3 smaller figures in the lower right are in obvious distress.  The middle one is down on his hands and knees while the other 2 are falling backwards.  A more appropriate name might be "The Devil's Den Nebula".

On close inspection of the larger figure, I have noticed he has only one eye, purple around his nose, and what might be a horn where his other eye should have been.  Could this be the "One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater" that paid Sheb Wooley a visit back in 1958?
RA = 21h 39m, DEC = +57 29'   (in Cepheus)
Televue NP-101 (4-inch f/5.4 APO refractor)
Losmandy G11 German Equatorial
Guide Scope:
Orion Short Tube 80mm refractor
Guide Camera:
Orion StarShoot AutoGuider & PHD software
Imaging Camera:
Eight 10-minute exposures through Celestron LRGB filters, and eighteen 10-min exposures through Astrodon 5nm Ha filter (grand total 8-hours, 20-minutes).  Processed in MaximDL and Photoshop CS6
Shooting Location:
LRGB filters at Staunton River State Park, Scottburg, Virginia, and Ha filter in Virginia Beach.
LRGB 21 October 2017  (UTC) and Ha 28 October 2017 (UTC)
LRGB exposures were taken while I was attending the Staunton River Star Party hosted by the Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society (CHAOS) and the Staunton River State Park.